Micro-Investments: Building Wealth through Pennies
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When it comes to investing, the struggle is real. Sacrificing today’s needs for tomorrow’s security can be a difficult decision to make, especially when we anxiously await our next paycheck every day.

But what if investing was as easy as spending? Won’t that be lit? It definitely will be, and that’s where micro-investing comes into the picture!

Let’s get schooled! What’s Micro-investing?

Micro-investing is a form of passive investment that allows you to invest small amounts of money automatically into a diversified portfolio. You can start as small as AED 20 and passively make your way to a fortune a couple of years down the line.

In some senses, micro-investing is even easier than shopping. Because you do not have to scratch your head over what to invest in and the good part is, the price tag never scares you and that’s because it’s so ‘Micro’.

What’s easier is that everything is automatic. Micro-investment apps (read RuDo) are just like your best friends. They first understand who you are as a person, what are your investment goals, and the type of risk you can bear, and then automatically build you a personalized investment portfolio for all future investments. Achieving your financial goals becomes a piece of cake when you have such a good friend.

But hey! Why is micro-investing a buzzword amongst Gen Z and Millennials?

Starting small is always great! It is easy, doable, and once you do start, it becomes a habit.

Micro-investing is synonymous with all these adjectives when it comes to investments, as it is all about investing a very tiny proportion of your earnings automatically.

Millennials are smart about their money, and they do want to invest. However, insufficient funds and lack of knowledge don’t permit 4 out of 10 millennials to invest. But with micro-investing, it’s time to ask, why should we miss out on creating long-term wealth?

Micro-investing adds fun to this ‘funtastic’ way of investing and saving for the future. You spend chunks of money whenever there is a little extra in your pocket and with the magical power of compounding, it then turns into a full-on investment that has the potential of making you a millionaire. That is precisely why micro-investment rules!

Now that we’ve thoroughly covered what micro-investing is all about, let us spill the tea on why you should opt for it.


The GOAT investment!

Micro-investing is easy. All you need to do is log in, make your investor profile, and you are all set to start investing. There is no need to study the securities market or track which share value is rising or falling. The app takes these decisions automatically to put your money to work in alignment with your goals and that’s why we call it “Greatest Of All Time” investing.


No minimum investment amount

Micro-investing makes us believe that big things do not require big sacrifices, just a will, and some dirhams to start. You can start investing with AED 20 or less according to your comfort and build a diversified portfolio.

#Reason 3

Big ‘yaas’ to flexibility in withdrawals!

As micro-investing is passive in nature, everything happens automatically. Including tracking even the smallest sums of money and keeping hands-on data about where your money is put to work. Not just that, you can also withdraw this money hassle-free whenever you wish.

#Reason 4

The numbers add up

Even though the investment may seem like a very small amount at the moment, compounding makes sure you have a worthwhile experience.

The following data represents the return on investment you can earn by putting AED 15/day to work for 30 years in an ETF portfolio. (Calculated at 10% p.a. rate of interest)

Spare Change Investment


Spare change rules!

RuDo has made micro-investing even easier by introducing spare change investment wherein you can invest while you spend daily through your smartphone or debit card.

No extra effort. Zero market chase. Just pure blissful investing!

The Crux?

Micro-investing answers the calling of all Millennials and Gen Z who are struggling to invest because of limited capital and knowledge. As far as we can see, it checks all the right boxes.

Micro Investing Pros and Cons

To be honest, adulting is hard as it is! But investing does not have to be.

If saving up is a major road blocker for your investments, micro-investment is here to save the day for you. Trust us, it’s worth it!