New-age investing: Helping beginners grow financially!
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Not so long ago, investing was a thought that pricked minds and pockets. We are talking about the era when phones were fancy accessories, and the internet was a privilege. In that world, investing was ruled by brokers and agents. And anyone who wished to get involved had to pay a hefty amount and effort in order to get started.

The doors to the world of investing were so narrow, that even to gain access to information about companies and trading, you had to rely on a broker or agent. Because of the obstacles, many people preferred to save their hard-earned money, rather than invest it. But those days are behind us!

In the digital age, investing is everyone’s cup of tea! As you can handle every aspect of it, starting from learning about individual stocks to advanced trading strategies just with a few clicks. With such ease and seamless transactions, people prefer to grow their wealth instead of solely depending on savings. Today, investing has become synonymous with building wealth.

How investing has transformed?

The word ‘Investment’ shoulders years of biases that revolve around it being complicated, too brain-numbing, money-extensive, and risky.

But over the years, how we invest has evolved! Investments have become simple, automated, and not to mention, investment-friendly (puns intended).

Unquestionably, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of investing, and many investors today prefer to do their own research online and use trading apps to make things simpler.

These apps and digital services offer countless benefits, here are some of our favourites!

Minimal Brokerage/ Fees

Having to pay a large amount to agents was a major roadblock for most investors. But thanks to digital resources, the commission rates for trade securities have drastically gone down. This decline has prompted many individual investors to consider investing as a profitable option. In other words, higher returns at lower charges is a deal you must make by investing!

No more FOMO!

Is paying with your digital wallet easy? So is investing! Previously, an investor had to carry cash or make complicated payment transfers to their brokers to invest in the stock they like. But now, all you need to do is fill in your details once, select the amount and allow the payment to happen. That's it!

You can not only invest on the go, but you can also withdraw your investment whenever and wherever you wish. The best part is, that there is no exit charge, or wait required. It is fair to say that investing in today's world is similar to carrying liquid assets.

Learn, invest, earn!

Growing wealth does not happen overnight. Many factors go into the process, starting from understanding your financial goals to decoding the investing terminologies to staying updated with the curve of the market. But the days of diving head in bundles of books and relying only on a broker are long gone. Today if you are keen to learn all of it and beat the market, you’ve got all the information that you need with one click.

It can be all automatic!

Taking a step forward from the previous point, investors now have the option to automate their investing process. But what if you wish to invest in the market, without deep-diving? Robo-advisory is for you! The Robo-advisor does all the heavy lifting and provides the best-suited solutions for you after predicting your risk appetite, financial goals, and financial preferences.

Another part of investing that is always tricky is the market chase. Robo-advisory minimises your efforts by being on top of things. Using Robo-advisory is like having your personal financial advisor that will suggest what’s right and will also ease investing.

No more secrets!

New-age investing offers transparency and investment tracking. Trading secrets is a term to specify best trading practices and is nowhere synonymous with the hidden fees, or unrevealed analytics of the market.

Investment apps like RuDo allow you to track every penny that you invest, and make sure everything is crystal clear about your transactions.

Investments can be small, tiny, or even micro.

The days when you needed a lot of money to invest and build your wealth are gone. With micro-investing strategies, you can start investing with as small an amount as spare change. Passive investment strategies like Spare Change Investment, allow you to spend and save at the same time without any hassle. Basically, it invests the difference amount (spare change) of your bill and the round figure.

What more? Any amount that you save can be invested in any instruments like stocks, mutual funds, recurring deposits, crypto, ETFs, etc.

In short, growing wealth is a matter of pennies now!

From being an asset for the rich and well-connected to being accessible and automatic, investing has come a long way. Bringing it to a new level, RuDo is creating a platform that will make investing rewarding and fun (maybe even more than shopping). If you wish to grow wealth effortlessly, join the waitlist on our official website