Spare Change Investment Building Wealth through Pennies!
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Remember saving every extra dirham you found in your favourite piggy bank? How the jiggling sound of coins felt like a blessing that said ‘all wishes granted’!

Back then, piggy banks instill the habit of saving every extra little spare change that we could find. But what if, the same piggy bank can be your go-to saving strategy, even in today’s digital age?

We know that sounds unreal, but it's legit! With Spare Change Investment, you can rebuild your digital piggy bank, save pennies and grow your wealth without putting in much effort.

Let’s decode how your pennies can help you build a wealthy future!

Beat the basics with Spare Change Investment

Spare Change Investment is an upcoming passive micro-investment strategy that allows you to save, invest, and grow your spare change rather than just letting them sit stale in your bank.

Spare Change Investment works by rounding up your everyday purchases to the nearest 10 dirhams and saving the difference amount in your digital wallet. Furthermore, this amount can be easily invested in best-fit securities as per your personalised investor profile.

But one may wonder, how can such a small amount create a huge difference? The trick is the magic of compounding! If you are consistent with your saving habits, compounding can help you turn your single-digit investments into multi-digit figures in a couple of years.

For instance, imagine spending AED 26 on hailing a taxi, the round-up will be AED 30 (nearest 10 dirhams) and the difference amount of AED 4 gets saved to your digital piggy bank.

In the same way, when you go out or spend on basic daily necessities like coffee, entertainment, groceries, etc, every spare change gets collected to grow wealth.

Let’s see how this works on the ground!

How does Spare Change Investment work?

Is Spare Change Investment the right strategy for you?

Saving spare change has been an age-old tradition but with the world going cashless, this practice is fading away. But not to worry! Spare Change Investment is the digital piggy bank that will help you cultivate the habit of regular saving while keeping all the transactions purely digital and transparent.

Spare Change Investment is ideal for all those who are struggling to create a habit to save and invest because of impulsive buying, cash crunch, too many financial commitments, or a lack of know-how. It is the easiest way to save while you spend! And any amount that you save can be invested in any instruments like stocks, mutual funds, recurring deposits, crypto, ETFs, etc.

This passive way of saving has caught up well with the binge-shopping generation as it inculcates the habit of saving without changing the existing spending behaviour. At RuDo, we follow the Nobel prize-awarded Modern Portfolio Theory which recommends investing spare change in a curated portfolio of global ETFs for better returns and minimal risk.

Here are the reasons why Spare Change Investment should be your go-to investment strategy.

Spare Change Investment builds a healthy saving habit as the spare change from every purchase gets saved automatically. Now, that is what we call mindful spending!

Saving for the future or retirement does not have to be rocket science! Spare Change Investment is a saving method that builds a wealthier future without making it a conscious effort.

As the name suggests, Spare Change Investment puts your spare change to work. So, you don’t need a hefty sum to start your investment journey. Just a few dirhams to launch you on your journey towards wealth building.

As Spare Change Investment is a passive strategy, it doesn’t require you to be a genius in investing. You can start investing without any prior knowledge because the app does the heavy lifting for you.

While using the Spare Change Investment app like RuDo, you have the complete flexibility of withdrawing your funds anytime you like. There is no minimum lock-in period so your funds are always liquid. But, the longer you hold your investments, the better profit they earn for you and vice versa!

Bonus tip: It’s Simple, smart, and sorted, just like you!

Spare Change Investment is the simplest way to enter the world of investing. It only takes a few minutes to set up the account, and that’s it!As the saying goes, ‘It’s always a good idea to invest, no matter how small the investment is.’We at RuDo, believe that every young investor needs the right platform to save and invest effortlessly. That’s why we are not only making investments simple by offering Spare Change Investment but also making it fun.

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